Common Slot Machine Myths

Myth: A machine that has just made a big payout won’t pay out another for a while, so a player should switch to a new machine. Statistically speaking, any machine (whether online or in person at a traditional casino) is exactly as likely to pay out a jackpot on any play as on any other play. The slot machines themselves are operated by random number generators, so your chance of hitting a jackpot is exactly the same every time you play the machine. The statistical likelihood of a jackpot is not any different on the play after a jackpot than it is a hundred games later. It’s common for people to move from a machine after a payout, but there’s actually no statistically valid reason to move.

Myth: A machine that hasn’t paid out for a while is “due” for a win, and is more desirable than other machines at that time. This myth is the flip-side of the previous one, based on the perception that machines pay out at particular intervals. In truth, however, whether you’re playing online or in person, the likelihood of a win on any given play is exactly the same percentage or chance as on any other play, regardless of when a player last experienced a win on that machine.

Myth: Casinos position “hot” machines in the areas where wins are visible, in order to draw in players who see others winning. This perception leads people to choose particular machines (in the aisles of traditional casinos, for example, or even from particular layouts in virtual casinos) with the expectation that these games are more likely to pay out. In actual fact, no machine is more or less likely than others to pay out a win, based as they are on random number generators.

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