Saving Pennies When Gambling Online


Newcomers to online gambling are naturally apprehensive and find it a very different experience from the traditional method of depositing money in live casinos or in a bank. One is unsure if the amount deposited would be enough to suit their online casino needs.

Make smaller wagers

Making smaller bets online can dramatically increase playing time. For those players who love the long periods of thrills can use this option. Not only will smaller wagers build up a players confidence with every bet, but will also allow one to get a “feel” of the game. As compared to land based casinos, players would not be able to stake such small amounts in table games like poker and blackjack.

For those who wager with small amounts, a lot of games are available to the online gambler. Slot machine games like the Skull Duggery slot machine accepts pennies as online bets and can even give players the chance to win the huge jackpot. Slots that accept pennies for games can literally play for hours.

Search for deposit bonuses

Many online casinos offer a substantial cash award bonus the minute a player signs up and makes a deposit for the first time. Many casinos use this bonus as a lure to hook potential players into playing with them longer. Some casinos can award as much as 150 percent on the first deposit.

Set limits

Taking time to assess ones finances before entering into an agreement with any online casino is always a smart move. Many newcomers have succumbed to the lure of a cash award bonus at sign up that they immediately invest a huge amount, thinking that they can win it all back before the day or night is over. Such thinking can only lead a newcomer into losing all their cash.

There are other casinos that make it easier for a newcomer to save and bet more at the games. Some online casinos cover partial betting costs and the other half is used as a good deposit bonus. A 200 percent bonus on a $25 deposit would net the player $50 and the bankroll is $75.

Players should take into account that small percentages like 20 percent may not make much of a difference on a small deposit of $60. A larger percentage such as 100 percent dramatically doubles the available betting money.

Newcomers should bear in mind that deposits made only reflect the total amount one can bet online. Take advantage of the many incentives and bonuses online casinos offer for it can boost one’s playing time and earnings.

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