Types of Slot Machines

A multiplier slot machine pays out in amounts proportional to the number of coins (or credits) played. If a player can wager between one and three coins, a win on the multiplier machine will be greater if the player wagered three coins on that particular play than if the player had gone with the minimum. The amount of your win will be bigger if you’ve placed a larger wager, but the percentages are the same regardless of whether you’ve wagered one credit or three, so there’s not a specific advantage to playing three credits at a time, as opposed to playing one credit at a time for three successive plays. A bonus multiplier slot machine operates on the same principle, but with the addition of a bonus payback if you do choose to place the maximum wager. In this case it’s to your advantage to play the maximum, as there are bigger winnings to be had.

A buy-a-pay slot machine actually does offer better winnings to a player who wagers the maximum credits than to the player who goes with the minimum. A buy-a-pay machine generally offers several payout lines, with a different set of gaming symbols on each; if you play all three coins in this scenario, you get the winnings from every one of those lines. If you have played only one coin, you’ve paid to play only one of the three lines of symbols, and a winning combination that shows up on either of the other lines won’t result in a payout to the player.

A progressive slot machine is connected to other machines being played by other players, with the jackpot building with every play, and every player eligible to win the big pot. The biggest winnings can be scored on progressive games, but in many cases a player must wager the maximum amount on a play to be eligible for the large progressive payout. With a progressive slot, it’s to a player’s advantage, strategically speaking, to play that maximum and stay in the running for the big win. Microgaming offers the largest amount of progressive jackpots, so you should check out JackpotCity Casino for big wins.

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